The Inventor

John is an entrepreneur and business owner. He owned and operated a landscape company where he provided services for 325 high end properties per week. John used commercial trenchers which were too cumbersome and awkward to maneuver. Plus, when they hit the market they had a hefty price tag of over $1600 and they were dedicated for only one use. Bed redefiners provide a very shallow edge and were unable to cut new beds due to lack of power and torque. This was a problem that needed a solution. He was determined to find a way to efficiently and effectively maintain garden and flower beds regularly.

John went into his shop with a welder and a few blades and he put together the first bed raptor prototype. He began to do his own field testing and put over 1,000 hours on the blade. Within the first season of using the ‘bed raptor blade’ on his customers flowerbed, the response he received was overwhelming. As more and more confirmation came flooding in, he soon realized he had the solution. His customers were pleased with the blades performance and the result was stunning. He also added additional revenue of $6,000 the first month of spring. His wife suggested that he patent the blade and seven and a half years later, the bed raptor was awarded a United States Patent.  The patent was necessary to protect its valuable design.  “It’s easy to install and simple to use” John says. 

This invention has been a true blessing to John’s company and has really brought relief to the backs of all his employees. Now, edging gardens and flowerbeds is no longer a hassle, but fun and easy!

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