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IDEA competition finalist launches bed-edging blade

The Bed Raptor is the first bed re-defining blade you can put on equipment you already have, and it works!, has officially launched and plans to take the bed-edging blade industry by storm. “It’s been raining gimmick edging blades for far too long and they simply don’t do the job!” says Inventor, business owner and IDEA competition finalist, John Szurpicki. “It took a long time to find the right manufacturer, but it was worth the wait!” says John. He is thrilled to be linking arms with owner Aaron Stolhammer from Stolhammer and Sons, Inc. a precision metal fabrication and manufacturing facility right in his home town. It has always been his goal to produce the blade in Northern Minnesota where he lives and operates businesses J & H Home Inspections LLC and Provision Contractors LLC.
The IDEA competition was vital to his launch. “I couldn’t have done this without the IDEA competition. They gave me a platform and offered support by connecting me with professionals, investors and BSU engineers. It has truly been a collaboration of the finest leaders, visionaries, investors and entrepreneurs,” says John.

John Szurpicki is no stranger to back breaking work. He has been in the landscaping industry for 27 plus years. There are many edging blades on the market today, but nothing that compares to the Bed Raptor.
The biggest problem with bed edging is finding blades that truly work. John realized the need for a durable bed edging blade not only for residential, but for commercial applications as well. He went into his shop and designed a patented bed- edging blade which not only cuts a bed edge, but also cultivates the soil taking bed redefining to whole new level.

The Bed Raptor blade is a unique one-of-a-kind universal laser cut accessory for tiller machine applications. The fine-tuned kit available for immediate purchase on will include the steel blade, a wheel, instructions and pin clips for an easy, hassle free installation.
A tutorial video is also available on the website.

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